Leading Commercial Vehicle Manufacturer Selects Sensata Technologies TPMS Solutions to Meet Global Safety Regulations

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Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Solutions

l Commercial truck and trailer manufacturers in Europe, Asia and North America are using Sensata Technologies' TPMS solutions to meet global safety regulations.

l The TPMS developed by Sensata Technology for commercial vehicle applications can provide tire pressure and temperature monitoring, thereby reducing tire safety accidents, realizing tire self-inspection, extending tire service life, and improving vehicle fuel economy.

l Sensata Technology has unique advantages in expanding TPMS technology, integrating more sensor signals into the solution to provide customers with high-value data insights.

Demand for TPMS in the commercial truck and trailer market is increasing as safety regulations in Europe and China, as well as greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and fuel consumption standards in the United States face further escalation.Several commercial truck and trailer manufacturers have chosen Sensata Technologies' TPMS solutions to meet the latest global vehicle standards and regulations.

Leading Commercial Vehicle Manufacturer Selects Sensata Technologies TPMS Solutions to Meet Global Safety Regulations

The TPMS solution developed by Sensata Technologies for the commercial vehicle market is a complete system consisting of wireless sensors, receivers and an electronic control unit (ECU) that communicates with the vehicle via the CAN bus.The system provides tire pressure and temperature monitoring in compliance with regional regulations to reduce tire safety incidents, enable tire self-checks, extend tire life and improve vehicle fuel economy.Proprietary auto-location features automatically identify the sensor's location on the vehicle, which eliminates the need for additional tools and time to program the sensor when tires are replaced and repaired.

Rob Eijsink, Marketing Director, Heavy Vehicle and Off-Road Machinery, Sensata Technologies, said: "In developing TPMS systems for commercial vehicles, we drew on our history and experience in the field of TPMS for passenger vehicles to provide customers with solutions that meet their needs and meet safety requirements. Products required by regulations. Leading truck and trailer manufacturers in Europe, Asia and North America are already using our TPMS solutions, and we are uniquely positioned to expand TPMS technology, integrating more sensor signals and functions into the solution, Provide more value to customers.”

We have added tire inflation assist and instant puncture detection to the TPMS solution for easy adjustment of suspension settings so that the body can be stabilized in the event of a puncture emergency.Sensata Technology can further customize the system according to customer needs, integrate signals from other wireless sensors, and provide many options for safe, high-speed wireless connectivity from truck to trailer.

Regarding the TPMS solution and Sensata's expanding product line to form a broader system solution, Brian Wilkie, vice president of Sensata's heavy-duty vehicle and off-highway machinery business, said: "Our TPMS has achieved great success in commercial vehicle applications. The success of Sensata Technology has laid the foundation for providing customers with more comprehensive forward-looking solutions in the future. Sensata Technology's experience in serving commercial vehicle manufacturers and fleets has formed a variety of system solutions that can be implemented through different configuration to meet the needs of each customer.”

For more product information, please visit Sensata Technology's website:www.sensata.com.cn, or follow its WeChat official account: SensataChina.

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