2022 U.S. Manufacturing Index: Tesla Model Y takes the top spot

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On June 21, the automotive website Cars.com released the 2022 "American Manufacturing Index" (AMI), which ranks cars according to the degree of localization in the United States, the final assembly site of the vehicle, and the proportion of parts produced in the United States and Canada. , the origin of the vehicle's engine, the origin of the vehicle's gearbox, and the percentage of U.S. workers employed at the manufacturer's factory where the vehicle is located are the five factors that affect the ranking.

2022 U.S. Manufacturing Index: Tesla Model Y takes the top spot

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According to AMI's calculations, the automaker will sell or plan to sell 379 2022 light-duty vehicles in the United States.Among them, 244 models are completely imported, 121 models are completely manufactured in the United States; 14 models are both, some of these cars are made in the United States and some are imported.In this year's AMI list, there are 95 vehicles to participate in the ranking.

Cars.com editor-in-chief Jennifer Newman said the biggest highlight of this year's survey was Tesla's position on the list.This year, all four Tesla models made the top 10 list, with the Model Y taking the top spot.This is the second year in a row that Tesla has topped the index, but last year it was the Model 3 that took the top spot.

"This is the third time Tesla has participated in the AMI Index, and the first time all four vehicles have been included," Newman said. "The Model 3 is No. 2, the Model X is No. 5, and the Model S is No. 6."

In addition to Tesla, Honda also has four vehicles in the top 10, with the Passport at No. 4, which uses up to 75% US and Canadian parts; Ridgeline at No. 8, Odyssey at No. 8 At number 9, the Pilot came in at number 10.The car that has improved the most is the Lincoln Corsair, which ranked 64th on the index last year and jumped to No. 3 this year, largely because production of the model was shifted from Spain to the United States.

In terms of the number of models on the list, General Motors, Honda, Toyota and Ford have the most cars on the list, with GM accounting for 19% of all models on the list, Honda accounting for 14%, and Toyota and Ford accounting for 12% each.

Cars.com also surveyed more than 2,000 consumers last month and found a 15% year-over-year increase in those concerned about purchasing power when purchasing a car.The survey also showed a 21% increase in consumers considering buyingan electric vehicle; a 22% increase in consumers considering whether American-made vehicles are an important factor in purchasing a car.

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