Xiaomi's new patent is published in the field of autonomous driving

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On June 22, according to Tianyancha, on June 21, Xiaomi Auto Technology Co., Ltd. announced the patent for "autonomous driving method, device, electronic device and storage medium".

The abstract shows that the method includes: acquiring and identifying multiple frames of images to be detected continuously collected by a vehicle camera module; determining whether there is a target object in each frame of the image to be detected, and the position of the target object in the image to be detected, the target object It is a designated accessory for the vehicle ahead; when there is a target object in at least two frames of images to be detected, the road condition information is determined according to the position of the target object, and the vehicle is controlled to perform the corresponding driving action.

Previously, Xiaomi Auto Technology Co., Ltd. published a patent for "control method, device and readable storage medium for a multi-phase motor".It is reported that the patent application was filed on December 31, 2021, and it is the first public patent of Xiaomi Auto Technology Company.The patent shows that: in the case of a phase loss fault in a multi-phase motor, the current position of the rotor is obtained, the target area to which it belongs is determined, and the multi-phase motor is controlled according to the control strategy corresponding to the target area.This technology will improve the reliability of electric drive systems.

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