XPeng Motors and Xiaodu Officially Announce Cooperation to Optimize Human-Computer Interaction Experience

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On June 21, Xiaopeng Motors and Xiaodu announced that they have reached a cooperation. The two parties will optimize and upgrade the human-computer interaction experience such as intelligent voice question and answer in the car scene.

It is reported that Xiaodu provides encyclopedia questions and answers services related to stocks, calendars, translation, characters, geography, history, sports, film and television, etc. The new functions will be launched in some future models of Xiaopeng Motors.

Xiaopeng Motors and Xiaodu Officially Announce Cooperation to Optimize Human-Computer Interaction Experience

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In fact, Xiaopeng Motors has brought a full-voice in-vehicle system since 2020. Its intelligent voice assistant Xiao P can realize interactive functions such as continuous dialogue, semantic interruption, and high-precision voice control.In 2021, Xiao P's new AI voice will be officially launched, using the technology combination of "a new generation of ultra-large-scale online neural network engine + small offline splicing engine" to bring on-board voice interaction that is closer to real people, and further improve the user experience of the full-voice on-board system.

At present, Xiaodu Assistant has been upgraded to version 7.0 to surround the intelligent era. Backed by Baidu's rich mobile content ecology and Q&A knowledge base, Xiaodu can strengthen the understanding of voice context and improve the habit of serving car owners through self-learning in the usage scenarios of car owners. and preference for service capabilities.

It is worth noting that in addition to Xiaopeng Motors, Xiaodu also reached a cooperation with Weilai Motors last month.It is also based on the cutting-edge AI voice technology capabilities of Xiaodu Assistant, and optimized and upgraded for the experience of NIO's in-vehicle voice operating system.

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