The official price is 459,800 yuan, and the ideal L9 is officially launched

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On June 21, Li Li, the second car of Li Auto, officially launched the Li Li L9 with an official price of 459,800 yuan. It will be delivered to users in August.

Before its listing, the Ideal L9 has been publicized for a long time. The company's founder, Li Xiang, called the car "the best family flagship SUV within 5 million yuan". The car has achieved the flagship level in many aspects.

According to reports, the Ideal L9 has achieved a flagship-level comfort space. All 6 seats in the car are equipped with electric adjustment and seat heating, and the 4 seats in the front two rows are also equipped with seat ventilation and SPA-level ten-point massage.The second-row seats on the right are specially designed, equipped with a four-way electric leg rest, a small table board, and a dual-purpose rear refrigerator for refrigeration and heating, which is specially designed for home users.

The Lili L9 range extender electric system is fully self-developed by Lili, and the range extender is self-developed and produced, with a thermal efficiency of 40.5%, and the thermal engine energy consumption in fuel mode is as low as 5.9L/100km (CLTC working condition).In addition, the Ideal L9 adopts an intelligent four-wheel drive system, the maximum power of the front drive motor is 130kW, and the maximum power of the rear drive motor is 200kW.The range extension system is equipped with a 44.5kWh battery pack. The pure electric cruising range of the car is 215km, and the comprehensive cruising range under CLTC conditions can achieve 1315km.

The biggest highlight of the Ideal L9 is intelligent driving and intelligent cockpit. It is equipped with the Ideal AD Max intelligent driving system as standard, and adopts full-stack self-developed perception, decision-making, planning and control software to ensure the reliability and high growth of the system.In terms of perception, the Ideal L9 is equipped with 6 8-megapixel cameras, 5 2-megapixel cameras, forward-facing lidar, and high-precision map positioning system; the computing power platform includes two NVIDIA Orin-X processors, with a total computing power of 508Tops.

In the smart cockpit, the Ideal L9 has created a five-screen interactive mode. It comes standard with a large-size HUD and a safe driving interactive screen. The vehicle central control screen, passenger entertainment screen, and rear cabin entertainment screen all use 15.7-inch car-grade OLED screens. Through the Type-C interface, the Switch can be directly connected to the screen with one cable.At the same time, the smart cockpit comes standard with two Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 chips, combined with a computing platform composed of 24GB of memory and 256GB of high-speed storage, providing computing power for AI, software and entertainment.

In addition to the product itself, Lixiang made preparations for the subsequent delivery of new vehicles before the launch of the L9. Li Xiang once said that the supply chain investment on Lixiang's new-generation platform will significantly improve the efficiency of production ramping and delivery, mainly due to the fact that many core suppliers The factory is built around the Changzhou production base, and Ideal has formed a very good supply chain ecology in Jiangsu.In addition, Ideal has invested billions of funds and a large number of R&D personnel to improve the efficiency and controllability of the supply chain.

Based on the advantages of the product itself and the improvement of the supply chain, Li Xiang believes that under the premise of controlling the epidemic, Ideal L9 is confident that the delivery volume will exceed 10,000 in September.

According to official news, at present, the ideal L9 has put into production thousands of mass-produced vehicles in the Changzhou production base, and will be transported to various retail centers across the country in July. Users can interview and drive the L9 in all ideal stores.

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