BMW's second mass-produced pure electric motorcycle will be launched to share iX battery technology

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Recently, BMW Motorrad's second mass-produced pure electric motorcycle, BMW's new CE 04, has completed its first launch in China and started pre-sale. The model will also be officially launched this year.The new model will redefine the market segment and set another milestone in the electrification transformation of the BMW Motorcycle Urban Mobility Series.

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※BMW's new CE 04 battery technology is the same source as the innovative BMW iX

※BMW motorcycle urban travel series will be fully electrified in 2030

※Every 18-24 months in the future, BMW Motorcycle will launch an electric motorcycle globally

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1. Share the latest electric technology and services of BMW Group

With pioneering design, advanced electric drive systems and a wealth of innovative technologies, BMW's new CE 04 reinterprets the brand philosophy of "making cycling a life".A brand new and subversive image, a newflat battery pack, a compact transmission system, striking white metallic paint and matt black detailing, "suspended" seats, solid wheels and other innovative designs, in line with user demands At the same time, it shows an unprecedented urban beauty.

Under the avant-garde and modern "coat", there isan electric motor with amaximum power of 31 kilowatts , andthe same battery technology as the innovative iX technology, so the new BMW CE 04can accelerate from 0 to 50 kilometers in only 2.6 seconds /hour, makes the knight one step ahead.In order to adapt to the fast-paced urban life, the vehicle is equipped with both fast charging and slow charging functions.In fast charge mode, itonly takes 45 minutes to charge the battery from 20% to 80%.When charging through a household socket, it takes about 4 hours and 20 minutes to charge the battery from 0 to full charge.It is worth mentioning that BMW's new CE 04 can not only use the charging equipment of BMWnew energy vehicles, but also enjoy BMW's thoughtful and convenient public charging services, so that riders do not need to worry about cruising range in every life scene.

2. More than ten years of deep cultivation in the electric field

BMW Motorcycles is the most successful luxury brand, with the highest sales in the brand's history in 2021, and a huge dealer network in more than 90 countries around the world, there is no doubt about this.At the 2022 BMW Group Financial Report Annual Meeting, BMW Motorcycles showed its outstanding achievements in the past year and also announced its future development strategy.

Mr. Zipse, Chairman of the BMW Group, said: "BMW Motorcycles has been developing electric models for more than ten years. From 2030, the BMW Motorcycle Urban Mobility Series will be fully electrified. Every 18-24 months in the future, BMW Motorrad will launch an electric motorcycle globally, offering riders around the world a highly emotional and innovative electric travel experience."

3. Forward-looking vision to plan the future ahead of time

As an important brand with innovative spirit and strength under the BMW Group, BMW Motorcycle has a forward-looking vision. When major automobile and motorcycle manufacturers are still focusing on the development of traditional power platforms, they have realized that electrification will affect the future of the motorcycle industry. important.In 2011, BMW Motorcycles started the first year of electrification transformation, and took the lead in showing the prototype of electric motorcycles through the Concept e concept car.Just one year later, BMW Motorrad became the first manufacturer of luxury motorcycle brands to offer an electric mobility solution with the launch of the BMW C evolution.

BMW Motorrad has always adhered to a long-term strategy, and has continuously achieved its brand goals through strong action and innovation.In recent years, BMW Motorcycles has not only provided high-quality traditional internal combustion engine motorcycles to cycling enthusiasts around the world, but has also continued to accelerate the electrification process with the Group's footsteps, demonstrating its understanding of "future electrified travel" year by year.At the 2019 BMW Group #NEXTGen Future Summit, the highly innovative BMW Motorrad Vision DC Roadster concept car, with its refreshing creativity, gave a new definition of pure riding pleasure in the electric age; BMW Motorrad Definition CE 04 released in 2020 The concept car, the prototype of BMW's new CE 04, shows another possibility for the Urban Mobility series.

In September 2021, the BMW Group made a forward-looking outlook on the potential of the circular economy and sustainable mobility, and proposed four guiding principles based on "rethinking, re-reduction, reuse, and recycling" to provide guidance for the future of the company and even the automotive industry. The development direction proposes a new way of thinking.As an important contributor to the innovation and sustainability of the BMW Group, BMW Motorrad has successively brought the BMW Motorrad CE 02 concept car and the BMW Motorrad Vision AMBY concept car.The former brings a relaxed and stylish urban riding experience, while the latter successfully breaks the boundaries between electric vehicles and motorcycles, an innovative two-wheeled solution for urban travel, depicting a bright future for personal travel.

With more than 30 high-quality models in 6 series, as well as a wealth of innovative experiential marketing activities, BMW Motorrad has made more than one million cycling enthusiasts around the world become brand fans.In the future, adhering to a sustainable strategy to accelerate electrification will undoubtedly enable BMW Motorrad to further consolidate its leading position in the luxury motorcycle market and continue to lead the market trend.

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